Iridology Textbook of Eye Diagnosis by Joseph Angerer

Quality 220 page colour illustrate hard cover iridology textbook by Joseph Angerer.

Translated into English from the original German text exclusively for the Institute Of Research Into Iris Studies. [I.R.I.S.]

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Welcome to the official website appointed by The Institute for Research¬† into Iris Studies [I.R.I.S.] for the sale and distribution of the exclusive English translation of the ‘Textbook of Eye Diagnosis’ by Joseph Angerer – [iridology textbook].

First translated and published in 1987, this iridology textbook edition has been very hard to acquire and even now is being re-released in a limited number.

This textbook is an excellent addition to any eye diagnostician’s library of reference text. It covers Joseph Angerer’s life work in eye diagnosis and is fully illustrated in colour. Read about the books contents here.

Joseph Angerer is a German pioneer in iridology and has contributed much to the profession. New concepts in eye diagnosis can be found in this iridology textbook which is only available in limited numbers and is a must have for anyone studying or practicing iridology.

Iridology charts are also available as wall charts and a smaller laminated hand held charts.

This book is a limited edition one print run only – it will never be printed again so don’t miss out acquiring a copy of this renowned iridologist’s valuable work.


Limited Edition Textbook

These textbooks are the last volumes available. Once sold out, they will never be re-printed. Don’t miss out on buying this rare hardcover reference text.

Angerer Eye Charts


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Angerer Coloured Eye Charts

Large colour co-ordinated eye diagnosis wall charts are available for easy reference along with smaller laminated hand held charts. Laminated or Non-laminated.

List of Book Contents


iridology textbook
Angerer Textbook Contents

The textbook extensively covers Joseph Angerer’s findings over the years and is colourfully detailed with many illustrations throughout 220 pages.