Joseph Angerer

AngererEvery once in a great while, in any given field, a man appears standing head and shoulders above his colleagues and fellow men. One such man is Joseph Angerer.

Joseph Angerer is unique in that in him are combined several important faculties which set him above. He is accomplished in all the naturopathic’ modalities, thoroughly versed in chemistry, biology, physiology and pathology, highly developed in human understanding, possessed of a high spirit, aware of and in tune with the co-relationships of all living creatures, as well their relationships to the earth and the cosmos.

Angerer is a man whose benign personality, human kindness and skill as a naturopath has touched the lives and souls of thousands of people. His skills and knowledge have not only served the field of naturopathy well, but have brought him recognition from the German medical profession.

Born in Passau, Germany, in 1907, he became a Catholic priest in that city. During the war he was drawn into service in the army medical corps, serving in field hospitals on German and foreign soils.

After a short period as a Russian prisoner-of-war, he returned to Passau in 1945. After the war he was given dispensation by the Church to follow his talents as a naturopath. He founded the Heilpraktiker-Fachschule in Munich (today called the Joseph Angerer Schule) and, under his direction, it became one of the foremost schools of its kind in the world. 

One of his most important teachers was RudolfSchnabel, who had raised the standard of eye diagnosis in his time. Schnabel, was an exceptional person, a naturopath who through further studies became a Doctor of Medicine.

His specialty was physiology and its relationship to the reflex signs in the eye. During the latter part of his life he became a Professor of Medicine, lecturing to the medical profession.

Schnabel’s principles were like seeds sown on fertile soil and Joseph Angerer proceeded to carry on this work to an even higher level. As of this date, he is still actively pursuing his work and research.

At the moment he is compiling a twelve-volume work on “Ophthalmotropic Phenomenology” , which sets forth the pathological signs to be read, not only in the iris (with which everybody has become bogged-down) but also the sclera, the cornea, the conjunctiva, the eyelids, the eyebrows and the eyelashes. In short, everything pertaining to the eye. In this, he is being aided by the participation of a group of Germany’s best naturopaths.

Most of the finest of Germany’s naturopaths today are students of Joseph Angerer.

In the short space available, it is impossible to tell all there is about this man.

His activities and accomplishments spread over too great an area. In spite of this, he has remained a simple and modest man. To be in his presence is to be conscious of an “aura”.

[Extract from the book first published in 1987 – sadly Joseph is now deceased]