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Iridology Textbook of Eye Diagnosis
Eye Diagnosis as the Science of Optically Regulated Reflex Settings.

Preface to Part I
History of the diagnosis of optically regulated reflex settings


  • Limitation and Nature of the Diagnosis of Optically Regulated Reflex Settings
    • Attempt at a synopsis of the force fields
    • The Eye as a Visible Manometer of the Sympathetic parasympathetic Dynamics 
(color chart)
    • Modified Scheme of the Vegetative Regulation According to Hoff with Particular Consideration of the Optical Controls 
(color chart)
    • Rhythm of Functions of Humans Analogous to the Cosmic Day Rhythm and to the Entire Vegetative Control.
(color chart)
  • The Pupil as Manometer of the Psychosomatic Dynamics
    • The Fixed, or Habitual Pupil Condition
    • Pupil Reaction
    • Deformation of the pupil
  • Lumen Phenomena and Hereditary Stigmatization
    • Lens Phenomena which Refer Back to a Tubercular Burden
(color chart)
    • Luetic Signs
    • Insufficiency of the Endocrine Glands
    • Inherited Carcinomatous Phenomena
  • Pupil Border Phenomena and Nerval Regulation of Organs
  • The Ruff – the Magic Eye of Nutritional Dynamics  Topography of the Iris According to Angerer

Preface to Part 11

  • The morphological needs of today
  • The Ruff – Reflecting an Image of the Intestinal flora and the bio-synthesis of vitamins
  • The Ruff as Manometer of the Glandular Functions
    • Thyroid
    • Adrenal glands
    • Pancreas
    • Pituitary
    • Gonadal glands
    • Tissue hormones
  • The Ruff – Spectrum of the Hematopoiesis
  • The Ruff Zone and its Phenomenological Significance in the diagnosis of the uric acid diathesis
  • The Ruff Zone as a Reflection of the Intestinal Position, the Muscle Consciousness, and the Intestinal Influences ………
Illustrations to Part 11

The creature in creation

  • Diseases of the Liver-biliary System and its Phenomena in the eye
    • Icterus
      • The Mechanical Icterus
      • The Hepatocellular Icterus
      • The Hemolytic Icterus
    • Congested Liver and Liver Cirrhosis
    • Storage Diseases of the Liver
      • Pathological Storage of Glycogen
      • Lipoidosis
  • Diseases of the Biliary Channels and their Signs in the Eye.
    • Bile Dyskinesia
      • Psychic Irritation
      • Vegetative Irritation
      • Neural Disturbance Fields
      • Blockages
    • Cholangitis and Cholecystitis
    • Cholelithiasis
      • Quality of the Bile Acids
      • Inner Structure of the Mucin Substance
      • Microliths
      • Lithogenic Catarrh of the Gall Bladder
      • Metabolic Disturbances in the Cholesterol Economy
      • The Pure Pigment Stones
  • Diseases of the Heart and Circulation and their Signs in the eye
    • Diseases of the Heart
    • Diseases of the Pericardium
    • Diseases of the Vasculature
    • Diseases of the Venous System
    • Diseases of the Arterial System
  • Diseases of their Breathing Organs and their Signs in the Eye
    • Ventilation of the Lungs
    • Disturbance of Circulation in the Lungs
    • Limitation of the Breathing Capacity
    • Disturbances in Gaseous Interchange
    • Decrease in the Breathing Surfaces
    • Unhealthy Air
    • Disturbances in Blood Oxygenation
    • Disturbances in the Acid-Base Balance
    • Central Nerval Breathing Disorders
Illustrations (color charts to Part Ill)


  • Diseases of the Digestive Tract
    • Pathologically Faulty Regulations of the Intramural system
    • Motoric Disturbances of the Idioperistalsis
    • Psychic Factors
    • Local Disturbances in the Digestive Motoricity
    • Secretory Disturbances of the Digestive Tract
      • Secretion of Saliva
      • The Secretions of the Stomach Glands
      • Secretory Disturbances in the Small and Large Intestine
    • Special abdominal diseases

      • Diseases of the Stomach Cardio-stenosis
      • Gastritis
      • Gastritis Caused by Infection
      • Tonsillogenic Swallowing Gastritis
      • Endogenic Overflooding by Streptococci
      • Secondary Gastritis
      • Derangement of Glandular Functions
      • Worm Attacks
      • Loss of Phosphorus
      • Chronic Disease Conditions
      • Stomach Acids
      • Failure of the Pepsin Precursors
      • Sugar Economy
      • Ulcus Pepticum
      • Trypsinogen Disturbances
      • Ferment Disturbances
    • B
      • Central-nerval Stomach Affections
      • Psychic Tensions and Cramps
      • Ennervation of the Digestive Organs
      • Anxious People
      • Stomach Mucous Membrane Processes
      • The Ulcer
      • Angioneurotically Altered Blood Vessels
      • Diencephalosis
      • Disturbed Organ Rhythms
    • Cancer
  • B
    • Circuit of Rheumatic Forms
    • Inflammatory Bone Diseases
      • Osteomyelitis
      • Bone Tuberculosis
      • Lymphogranulomatosis
    • Subluxations of the Spine and Disc Defects
    • Diseases of the Musculature
Illustrations (color charts to Part IV)