Joseph Angerer Eye Diagnosis Hard Cover Textbook

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Joseph Angerer Eye Diagnosis – the Science of Optically Regulated Reflex Settings.

Joseph Angerer Eye Diagnosis

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Joseph Angerer Eye Diagnosis Hard Cover Textbook

Every once in a great while, in any given field, a man appears standing head and shoulders above his colleagues and fellow men. One such man is Joseph Angerer.

Joseph Angerer is unique in that in him are combined several important faculties which set him above. He is accomplished in all the naturopathic’ modalities, thoroughly versed in chemistry, biology, physiology and pathology, highly developed in human understanding, possessed of a high spirit, aware of and in tune with the co-relationships of all living creatures, as well their relationships to the earth and the cosmos.

First translated and published in 1987, this iridology textbook edition has been very hard to acquire and even now is being re-released in a limited number.

This textbook is an excellent addition to any eye diagnostician’s library of reference text. It covers Joseph Angerer’s life work in eye diagnosis and is fully illustrated in colour.

Joseph Angerer is a German pioneer in iridology and has contributed much to the profession. New concepts in eye diagnosis can be found in this iridology textbook which is only available in limited numbers and is a must have for anyone studying or practicing iridology.

Iridology charts are also available in two sizes. An iridology wall chart and an iridology smaller laminated hand held chart.

Joseph Angerer Eye Diagnosis – is over 200 page hard cover, colour illustrated eye diagnosis textbook faithfully translated into English from the original Angerer German edition.

See Joseph Angerer Eye Diagnosis Content page in the main menu for a glossary of contents.

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The last remaining copies of this exclusive text [copyrighted to IRIS] is never to be reprinted. This is your last chance to add this soon to be discontinued text to your health care library.
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